Gamifly x League of Legends

On July 21, 2022, the LFL Prixtel Day, a flagship event in the world of Esport, was held in France. This day was an opportunity for Webedia, a major player in the eSports industry in France, to partner with CGR Events to broadcast the event in 33 theaters across the country. This collaboration allowed League of Legends (LoL) fans to experience the event on the big screen, in an immersive and friendly atmosphere.

Gamifly et la Ligue Française de League of Legends

But this day was also marked by the participation of Gamifly, a company specialized in gamification and fan engagement. Gamifly deployed its quiz solution to liven up the downtime between games and allow participating theaters to participate in simultaneous quiz sequences.

The four quiz sequences were broadcasted on the screens of the 33 partner theaters, offering League of Legends fans a fun and interactive experience during downtime. Gamifly’s automated ranking system allowed all participating theaters to compete against each other and reward the fastest.

Gamifly’s initiative to offer its interactive quiz solution during the LFL Prixtel Day organized by Webedia in partnership with CGR Events has once again demonstrated the ability of gamification to bring a new dimension to an event by offering a fun and innovative experience to an audience.

Thanks to this collaboration with Webedia, Gamifly was able to reinforce its expertise in terms of gamification and fan engagement by offering a unique experience to League of Legends fans.

Indeed, the broadcasting of interactive quizzes simultaneously on the screens of the 33 participating theaters allowed fans to immerse themselves even more in the universe of LoL by answering questions about their favorite game.

It also strengthened the ties between fans, who were able to compete in a friendly spirit of competition and discover the participating theaters across France. Moreover, the automated ranking system set up by Gamifly added an extra element of suspense and challenge, allowing to reward the best players.