MHSC Summer Tour 2022


The Montpellier Hérault Sport Club recently called on Gamifly to deploy its quiz solution during its summer tour. The goal of this collaboration was to digitize the MHSC fan experience, offering a more fun and interactive experience, while easing logistics for the club.

Prior to this collaboration, the club offered a paper-based quiz system, where participants had to enter their first and last name and answer on a form, then drop it into a ballot box. This could be cumbersome and inconvenient for participants, not to mention the risk of cheating or miscounting.

With our gamified quiz solution, the participant experience has been digitized and modernized.

Now, participants can simply scan a QR code to access the quiz on their smartphone and answer questions about the club or soccer culture. The winner is then drawn from among the correct answers to be rewarded.

This new experience was very appreciated by MHSC fans, who found it more convenient and fun. The club also benefited from a simplified management of this activity, thanks to our automated ranking system, which allows to centralize the answers and to make the draw more quickly and efficiently.

In addition to strengthening the engagement of MHSC fans, this collaboration has allowed Gamifly to demonstrate once again the effectiveness of its gamification solutions in the sports industry. By offering innovative and interactive experiences, we enable sports clubs to build loyalty among their fan base and attract new fans.

Beyond the simple quiz, our gamification solution can be adapted to many other sports activities and events, such as contests, sideline animations, or interactive online activities. Thanks to our gamification expertise, we are able to offer solutions tailored to the needs and objectives of each sports club.

In summary, this collaboration with MHSC has been a real success for Gamifly, which has been able to digitize and modernize an already popular experience for fans, while providing a simplified and efficient management for the club. We are proud to have contributed to the MHSC Summer Tour experience and look forward to continuing to work with other sports clubs to provide interactive and fun experiences for their fan communities.