Red Bull x Gamifly – Gamified Course

The organization of events is a major challenge for companies wishing to increase their notoriety and their turnover. In this context, the implementation of an immersive and interactive experience for visitors has become essential. This is why Gamifly collaborated with Red Bull for the CyberPunk 2077 party organized at the Machine du Moulin Rouge.

To make the event unforgettable, Gamifly created a gamified walkthrough combining technology, costumes, and scenery that allowed visitors to dive into the world of CyberPunk 2077. By solving quests on the premises with their smartphones and hidden QRs, participants unlocked exclusive rewards. This new way of moving around a location got visitors excited about the immersive experience.

The engagement rate was 65%, with a total of 2130 quests solved for an average of 3.5 quests solved per participant. This activation created a strong interaction between visitors and the Red Bull brand. To reward the best players, 196 cans of Red Bull were distributed during the evening.

The gamified route is a great option to engage visitors during an event. It creates an immersive and interactive experience that generates interest and enthusiasm among participants.

It also builds customer loyalty and brand awareness. The success of Red Bull’s event is a clear example of this. The implementation of a gamified experience created a strong interaction with the visitors and aroused their enthusiasm for the brand. Gamifly demonstrated its expertise in creating innovative solutions to engage visitors at events.