How do you engage fans in advance of a charity game?

On May 10, 2022, the Groupama Stadium in Lyon was the scene of a very special event, the second edition of the Heroes Match organized by UNICEF. This charity soccer match saw the OL Legends team and the UNICEF team compete. The main goal of this event was to raise funds to support UNICEF’s programs that help the most vulnerable children around the world. We were fortunate to contribute to the success of this event by providing a unique and unforgettable experience to the fans before the game. Using our songwriting module, we allowed fans to create their own songwriting. This gave them the opportunity to participate in the party before kick-off.

Charity match

The Heroes Game was more than just a soccer game.

The Heroes Game was more than just a soccer game. It was an opportunity to celebrate the spirit of solidarity and generosity, and to support an important cause. We are proud to have been able to contribute to the success of this memorable event.

The goal of our initiative was to get the fans involved and excited before the game.

We gave them the opportunity to put together their own dream team by choosing from the celebrities that were participating in the game. This activity helped build hype around the event and gave fans the opportunity to feel involved in the event, even before it started.

The goal of this unique experience, was that fans would feel more connected to the event and more involved in the cause supported by UNICEF.

We made it as quick and easy as possible for fans to access this feature so they could start putting together their team immediately. We knew that many fans would be interested in this activity. So we wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to participate.

By spreading this link on social networks, we were also able to reach a large audience and encourage as many people as possible to participate.

With our activations it is possible to engage all types of fans whether they are there to support a team, a cause or simply to be entertained. Moreover, they are deployable and effective before, during and after the event.