Sport en France

For the French Ice Hockey Cup final (Rapaces de Gap vs Brûleurs de Loups) broadcast on the Sport en France channel, we set up a second screen experience.

We relied on the highly engaged community of this sport to deploy a gamified space to offer quizzes, polls, live predictions and much more! ⚡️

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With our solutions, viewers were immersed in an interactive game experience, accessible from a QR Code.

Our “Team” feature allowed fans from each team to compete against each other. This added challenge and therefore multiplied the engagement of the participants.




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of participants want to review this type of activation

In addition to providing a fun and interactive experience, the use of gamification has also allowed the channel to collect valuable data about its audience. Indeed, the authentication required to participate in gamification allows for the collection of information about viewer preferences and behaviors, which can be very useful for broadcasters and advertisers.


accounts created

6 min

time spent on the space

This data highlights the engagement and interest of viewers in the event, as well as the positive impact of the gamified experience on the audience. The high participation and conversion rates are a testament to the attractiveness of the event and the relevance of using gamification to enhance the viewing experience.

All in all, the second screen experience implemented by Sport en France and Gamifly for the French Ice Hockey Cup final was a great success, offering viewers an interactive gaming experience while collecting valuable audience data.

Created in 2019 by the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF), Sport en France is the channel that broadcasts the largest number of sports in France through live broadcasts, reports, documentaries and shows. A project that makes sense with Gamifly solutions to multiply interactions and maximize the engagement of this audience.

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