Top 10 fan engagement experiences in stadiums around the world

Some stadiums and arenas offer incredible experiences for fans. From special food and drinks, to pre- and post-game entertainment, to player interaction… some venues have no shortage of imagination.

But what about the most memorable fan engagement experiences?

Here are the top 10 fan engagement experiences in the world :

1. The noise wall in Dortmund

The Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund, Germany is known for its famous “wall of noise”. This is a block of Borussia Dortmund fans who sing and jump in rhythm to cheer their team during home games. The fans are on their feet during the whole game and create an electric atmosphere that never fails to impress the visitors.

2. The Tifo of the Camp Nou

Camp Nou and FC Barcelona are famous for their impressive tifos. Fans use flags, banners and cards to create large-scale images and messages that are presented before the start of the match. These tifos are always carefully designed and are an important part of the match experience for Barça fans.

3. The lapping of the Red Sea in Liverpool

Liverpool fans are known for their famous “Red Sea”, where the fans in the Kop, the most animated stand of the stadium, wave red scarves and create a splash that reminds the movement of the waves of the sea. This tradition has become a symbol of the unity and passion of Liverpool fans.

4. Japanese-style mascots

In Japan, mascots are an important part of the game experience. Teams often have unique mascots that interact with fans before and during games. Japanese mascots are known for their cute looks and playful personalities, which are especially popular with children.

5. The Fish Pitch in Seattle

At CenturyLink Field, fans of the Seattle Seahawks (NFL) are known for their traditional “fish toss”. A fan throws a rubber fish onto the field before the game starts. It has become an iconic tradition.

6. The "Barmy Army" in Melbourne

Australian cricket fans are known for their “Barmy Army”, a group of loud and enthusiastic supporters who cheer on the Australian team during matches. They follow their team around the world and are often louder than local fans.

7. Flags at the Allianz Arena

Bayern fans often use flags to create an impressive visual effect in the stands. Flags are often coordinated to create large-scale patterns and messages, adding an incredible visual dimension to the already electric stadium atmosphere.

Expériences de fan engagement
8. Choreographies in Naples

The San Paolo Stadium, where its resident club, SSC Napoli, is known for its impressive choreography. Fans often create patterns with scarves or cardboard boxes to create a visual spectacle that impresses the spectators.

9. The clowns of the Bombonera

The Bombonera and its famous soccer club Boca Juniors. An overexcited atmosphere and intense passion, rarely seen in any other stadium in the world. Fans often wear clown makeup to express their dedication and love for their team.

10. The "Haka" at the Eden Park

The best for the end, the traditional “Haka” of the All Blacks. Before each game, the players perform this traditional Maori dance that has become iconic. Fans often join in the dance and add to the incredibly energetic atmosphere of the stadium.

Ultimately, the fan engagement experiences at sports stadiums around the world are varied and impressive. From walls of noise to elaborate choreography, these traditions are an integral part of the game experience for fans and add an unforgettable visual and emotional dimension to the sporting event. No matter what team and sport you support, there is something unique and exciting to enjoy in stadiums around the world.