interactive modules

Animate your community to get them involved, earn points and find out who is the best fan.
Challenge your audience to choose the best player of a match, get their opinion… or choose the next title of a playlist?

All modules are customizable and adapted to any type of screen or broadcast technology.


quizzes / polls

Animate your community with pre-prepared and automated interactive quizzes and surveys.

twitch extension illustration


Play your audience with questions related to a current event to earn points.

handball animated gif

spam click

Very fashionable at the moment, make your fans click as fast as possible for one choice or another, only one will win!

live leaderboards

Our game modules allow you to generate stats as well as a live and automatic ranking of your community.

This ranking can be fed by badges that allow you to qualify your fans and thus better identify them.


overlays / website

Ranking displayed in overlay or on a dedicated website, with badges rewarding the best players from previous sessions.

twitch extension

Ranking displayed in the Twitch extension, automatically updated at the end of each activation.


Monetize your audience by highlighting your products or promoting your sponsors.

Gaming integration further maximizes the fan experience.

flash sale illustration


Generate revenues during your lives with our animated merchandising modules, showcasing your promotions in integrated ways to drive your audience to your store.

question and badges illustration


Our gaming modules allow many sponsor integrations while respecting the user experience: “powered by” activations, personalized medals…

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